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Dynamic Duos

Dogs are more than excellent companions, they can change lives in the role of a service dog. Service dogs are trained to complete tasks specfic to their owners needs and provide daily support and companionship.


Training your own service dog is a rewarding challenge, and we offer support for owner-trainers to reach their goals. We offer temperment testing, dog selection, public access and in home training. Training specific tasks, medical or alert responses can be overwhelming or difficult without the guidance of a professional trainer. Our programs are customized to your needs and budget.

Autism assistance dogs can provide support and companionship for children, adolescents, and even adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. An understanding of animal and human behaviour is crucial to training an appropriate companion for someone with ASD, and we proudly use only humane, modern methods while training our dogs. This ensures a positive experience for your dog and easy integration into your home. Adults with autism who may benefit from animal assisted therapy, but do not desire to keep a pet, are often well suited to visits with a trained animal.

our service dog program may be suitable for families who:​​
  • Have specific requirements (allergies, breed or age preferences)

  • Are training their own dog

  • Prefer one-on-one, individualized attention and training

  • Are unable, or do not wish to wait years for an autism assistance dog



As training needs and animal requirements are highly individualized, please contact us with any questions or for more information.


Our service dog program is unique and begins with a family consultation. It is important to us to discuss your goals and situation in order to develop the perfect canine companion. Graduates of our program are required to complete extensive training, as well as behaviour and skills testing. At this time our program is available to families in London, ON and area.  

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