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What sets us apart

We are as dedicated to your training goals as you are.
Our expertise in training dogs is ever expanding as we continue to offer industry leading coaching, consultations, and most importantly, results to pet owners striving to overcome severe behaviour concerns.Our dedication to your dog's success not only sets us apart, but ensures you reach your training goals.


  • Karen Pryor Academy Graduate (KPA - CTP)

  • TTouch Apprentice

  • Terry Ryan Chicken Camp Participant

  • Dog Behaviour Apprenticeship

Experiences and Seminars:

  • Animal Behaviour Coordinator at Humane Society

  • Suzanne Clothier 

  • Batting 1000 

  • Reactive Dog Specialist

  • ABBA Professional Member

Cute Happy Dog

Upcoming Continuing Education Goals:


  • CDBC 

  • Academy For Dog Trainers 


We are based in London, ON and serve the south-western Ontario region including Lucan, Exeter, Goderich, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton, Niagara Falls and surrounding areas. 

Virtual training is available via facetime, zoom, or phone consultations.

A note from our founder:

I'm doing what I love, but really I'm doing what I do because I want dog owners to experience how rewarding a great relationship with a well trained canine companion can be. My time working in animal shelters taught me that the best way I could help save dogs from being given up or abandoned was by helping their owners train them. That's when i decided to pursue dog behaviour as a career and help bridge the communication gap between dogs and their owners. It's always an amazing and rewarding experience to train a dog. Adding a dog to your life is a big decision - Is your relationship with your dog everything you dreamed it would be? Whether you have a new puppy you want to start off on the right foot, recently adopted dog, or an ill-behaved or reactive family pet, I want to teach you how to change that and live with the dog you imagined. 

- Mariah

Founder, Dog Behaviour Consultant

Dynamic | London, ON Dog Training


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