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Love & Rules.

Your dog's behaviour directly effects the relationship you have with them - and vice versa! Whether you consider them a spoiled fur baby, an ill behaved family pet, or maybe reactive and misunderstood - all that stands  between you and the perfect family companion is the right training. If your dog understands the expectations, and you know how to effectively communicate with them we can eliminate problem behaviours granting you more "Good Dog!" days and so much less frustration.

Our training programs are designed to work with your schedule and lifestyle, while setting your dog up for success and reaching your training goals. In-home training offers one on one support, and some of our memberships are combined with Walk + Train for expedited results. 

Browse training programs below and select the one that is best for your dog.

Private Training Memberships

  • Puppies + Basics

    Coaching for Common Training Challenges
    Valid for 3 months
    • Meet + Greet
    • Customized Training Guide
    • 3 Private Training Sessions
  • Advanced Behaviour

    Our Most Popular Private Program!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Behaviour Consultation
    • Customized Training Guide
    • 6 Private Training Sessions
  • Resolving Reactivity

    Addressing Reactivity and Aggression
    Valid for 3 months
    • Behaviour Consultation
    • Customized Training Guide
    • 9 Private Training Sessions
    • Twice Weekly Walk + Train
    • VIP Booking and Support Services
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