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A Dog Trainer's Purpose

Most people have watched or heard about the "A Dog's Purpose" video showing a german shepherd being forced into rushing water during the movie's filming. I have to admit, I was very surprised at the response of the viewers - hundreds of thousands of comments expressed horror at the dogs treatment and concern for his wellbeing. Many vowed to boycott the premiere, which eventually was cancelled, and an investigation launched into the situation. I was not surprised at this response because I disagreed with it, but because the unethical treatment shown in the behind the scenes clip is quite similar to the handling happening in our city, every day, and all over the world, by uneducated dog trainers.

The dog training industry is unregulated, and unfortunately, that leaves room for trainers who practice unethical, and disproven methods. Many methods and tools used by such trainers are just as traumatizing and unfair to the animal as the handling in the video. Yet, alpha/pack/dominance theory and punishment based methods are practiced, accepted, and even applauded in every day life and in the media.

We are proud to practice and constantly strive to improve science-based, modern methods of dog training that allow you and your dog to learn without intimidation, fear, or force. Join us in supporting humane animal treatment and training!

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