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3 Important Tips For Better Walks

Does your dog pull on leash? Bark at other dogs or people?

Here's 3 Ways to QUICKLY Improve Walks:

🐕 Use a harness or head collar. The leash should attach on the front of the harness near the dogs chest. Either a harness or head collar gives you better control of your dog and discourages pulling by turning them towards you rather than allowing them to lean into a collar.

🐕 Don't be boring. Your dog needs exercise, but a walk isn't all that interesting for them. Add fun, exercise their brain, and increase their focus on you by changing your speed, playing games like find it, and using natural obstacles as agility equipment! Hunting for treats in grass, putting paws up on a tree, or climbing benches takes a walk from boring to awesome!

🐕Swing your Arms! If you have a dog who pulls, you probably brace your arm against them while holding the leash. Swing your arm naturally as you walk instead. This helps your dog better understand how fast they should be walking and how far ahead they can be.

Put these tips into action and you'll be surprised how quickly your dogs behaviour on walks improves! Walking should be enjoyable for both you and your dog!

If your dog shows aggressive or anxious behaviour while on walks, we can help.

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