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Please note: We are currently not accepting new clients for this program

Come home to a better dog!

Our one of a kind exercise and training program combines physical and mental workouts designed especially for dogs! Each session is customized to your training goals. This program is perfect for busy families who find their dog has excess energy and needs improvement on basic or advanced skills. All dogs are welcome in this program, from puppies to those working through reactivity or other behaviour concerns.


All walk+train memberships include a one-on-one follow-up session to ensure your dog behaves just as well for you as they do their trainer, and to set new goals for upcoming sessions. Choose a frequency and schedule that works for you, and leave the training to us! These sessions are offered weekdays during regular business hours.​

Two a week

Eight training walks per month to boost your dog's training even while you're busy. 


Three A Week

Twelve training walks per month to learn new skills and eliminate problem behaviours. 


Five a Week

Your dog will love daily exercise and training and you'll love the results of 20 sessions monthly.


Interested in classes or one on one training? Visit our private or group training pages, or send us a message for more information on how we can help your dog!

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