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Program Overview

What are your training goals? 

Do you have a new puppy, or maybe a challenging dog? We've designed our training programs to accomodate your busy schedule while working together to achieve your goals. We strongly believe that training is so much more than a dog that listens, its an ongoing partnership with a member of your family.

We are results-driven and utilize proven and humane training methods to achieve lasting success.

At Dynamic, our goal is to educate you to be your dog's trainer! This means you'll be able to communicate with and understand your dog. Our dog training services offered in London and southwestern Ontario are flexible and aimed to help you reach your training goals, no matter the challenge. 

Our private sessions are ideal for complex behaviour concerns, and Walk + Train is ideal for busy schedules seeking additional support and expedited results, while our unique group dog training classes offer the complete education for you and your canine companion. 

Please click on the service that most interests you for further details.

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